Quantum TS Global Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Quantum TS Global Synthetic Transmission Fluid is formulated from premium synthetic base stocks and a state-ofthe-art additive system, specially engineered and recommended for use in virtually all global automatic transmissions. It exceeds the performance requirements for GM DEXRON®-VI, Ford Mercon® V, Mercon® SP & Mercon® LV, Chrysler ATF+4, Toyota T-IV & WS, Honda/Acura, Volvo, Mercedes, BMW and JASO fluids. It is also backward compatible for use in transmissions previously serviceable by GM DEXRON®-II or DEXRON®-III (H) and Ford Mercon® brands.

Transmission Benefits

  • Excellent frictional properties for smooth shifting
  • Optimum performance in GM 6-speed transmissions
  • Excellent performance in hybrid transmissions, including Ford and Toyota
  • Superior shear stability and wear protection
  • Protection against varnish and sludge formation
  • Superior thermal stability and oxidation resistance
  • Outstanding low-temperature performance
  • One fluid for virtually every global transmission application

Product Features

  • Meets low-viscosity OEM transmission fluid requirements
  • Formulated with synthetic base stocks for maximum resistance to thermal breakdown
  • Provides active anti-wear agents to protect critical transmission components
  • Delivers optimum resistance to fluid oxidation in severe operating conditions
  • Compatible with conventional fluids whether used in a complete fluid exchange or top-off
  • Nearly eliminates the possibility of a fluid misapplication and reduces service liability

Transmission Applications

Quantum TS Global Synthetic Transmission Fluid is specially formulated to meet and exceed the performance requirements of virtually all global automatic transmission fluid requirements for passenger cars, flex-fuel vehicles, hybrids, light-trucks, sports utility vehicles and most heavy-duty equipment transmission standards. It is recommended for use in the warranted applications and will not void applicable vehicle warranties.