Quantum X-75 High-Mileage Motor Oil

Quantum X-75 High-Mileage Motor Oil

is specially formulated from a proprietary combination of select base stocks and CleanGuardTM additive technology to deliver ultimate protection to mature vehicles with 75,000 miles or more on the odometer. CleanGuardTM is a state-of-the-art additive system that contains active cleaning agents that maintains performance in older engines. Quantum X-75 High-Mileage Motor Oil is also formulated with special seal conditioners that recondition and revitalize brittle, cracked or worn-out O-rings, gaskets and seals in older vehicles, reducing oil consumption, driveway leaks and minimizes exhaust smoke.

Through proprietary technology, Quantum X-75 High-Mileage Motor Oil protects mature engines and exceeds new car warranty requirements as defined by ILSAC standards GF-5 and API classification Resource Conserving SN.


“I put Quantum X-75 High-Mileage Oil Boost in my truck right as I hit 80,000 miles. I used to burn about 1 quart every 10,000 miles when I would do my oil changes. Before I went to the lake last weekend, I checked my oil about 5,500 miles since my last oil change and I haven’t burned a drop. I was pretty surprised to say the least.”

Matt, Los Angeles, CA

Vehicle Benefits

  • Superior wear protection for older engines
  • Reduces driveway leaks
  • Protects against oil burn-off and consumption between service
  • Minimizes exhaust smoke
  • Maximum resistance to high-temperature thermal breakdown
  • Maximizes mature vehicle performance

Product Features

  • Exceeds ILSAC standards GF-5 and API classification Resource Conserving SN
  • Special seal conditioners revitalize and recondition worn-out engine seals
  • Proprietary base stock formulation provides resistance to thermal breakdown
  • Improved oxidation stability and volatility properties reduce oil consumption between services
  • CleanGuard™ technology maintains mature engine cleanliness and resists sludge and piston deposits


Recommended for turbo-charged or naturally aspirated gasoline-powered passenger cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles with 75,000 odometer miles or more :

  • ILSAC standards GF-5 and API classification Resource Conserving SN
  • Backward compatible for API classifications SJ, SL & SM to deliver ultimate mature engine protection

Quantum X-75 High-Mileage Motor Oil is specially formulated for vehicles with 75,000 miles or more and provides tangible benefits to older vehicles. According to a new report from Lang Advisors, a service of Lang Marketing Resources, during the next three years, car and light truck average age will reach record highs among key vehicle groups. The unprecedented reduction in cars and light trucks five years and under (reflecting the struggling new vehicle market) will drive up vehicle age across the board while spiking age growth in certain areas of the vehicle population. According to Lang, an uncertain economy is encouraging Americans to hold onto their vehicles rather than purchase new models.

As a result, vehicle age will record unprecedented growth during the next three years. The average age of cars and light trucks on U.S. roads will increase from 10.1 years at the beginning of 2009 to an estimated 11.3 years by 2013. This will be the greatest surge in overall car and light truck age in more than 40 years. A 2010 report from Polk supported this data. Polk stated, “Average length of ownership of new vehicles continues to increase. Consumers are now holding onto a new vehicle, on average, for 63.9 months based on second quarter 2010 data, up 4.5 months from the same time last year”. With average American’s driving more than 10,000 miles per year, the average odometer will read 113,000 miles by 2013.

Make Quantum X-75 High-Mileage part of your marketing plan today and prepare for tomorrow’s success!