Product Integrity Assurance™

From the minute every gallon of Quantum Lubricants are produced, our national quality control program ensures the oil installed in your vehicle meets our stringent performance expectations.  Beginning with innovative formulations, our products meet and exceed performance requirements for both automotive and heavy-duty applications.  Our proven quality is backed by a National Product Warranty and delivers consumer assurance to…Trust Thy Oil.

Leading-Edge Product Formulations

Using the highest quality raw material sources, our technical team works closely with performance additive partners to develop leading-edge product formulations that exceed industry standards.

Performance Testing on Every Gallon Produced

Each United Petroleum manufacturing facitlity is equipped with over $250,000 in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Each gallon of product produced at each facility is immediately batch tested. Each batch is tested for viscosity, NOACK volatility, cold crank, performance additive composition, water and sediment content, Brookfield viscosity (where applicable), density, specific gravity and ASTM color.

Certificate of Analysis Accompanies Each Outbound Bulk Shipment

For each outbound bulk shipment, a retain product sample is collected during the loading process. The product is submitted to our laboratory for a second round of redudant testing to again confirm compliance with our stringent standards. An approved Certificate of Analysis is then sent with each outbound order. Retain samples are maintained at our facility for 6 months.

API and ILSAC Licensed, Exceeding New Car Warranty Requirements

All Quantum and Infinity Motor Oils are licensed with API and ILSAC, exceeding stringent industry performance standards. Our diverse product line has the Motor Oil that fits your specific vehicle’s needs.

OEM Approvals/Credentials

For both automotive and heavy-duty applications, United Petroleum submits their top quality products for direct OEM approval. Direct OEM approvals provide piece of mind that that you have the right lubricant to deliver optimum performance and long-lasting protection.

Strategic Relationships with Primary Additive Partners

United Petroleum maintains partnerships with key additive suppliers to stay on the leading-edge of emerging lubricant technology and future trends. Our technical team is constantly working on new lubricant innovation to provide new solutions to the marketplace.

Corporate Technical Director

United Petroleum’s Technical Director and Ph.D. Chemist has been one of the leading minds in the lubricant field for decades. In his 30 year career, he has held the position of Senior Scientist for a major oil brand and has developed many new and improved products used world-wide.

Semi-Synthetic Performance

Many Quantum Motor Oils are produced with synthetic-blend base oil to provide improved performance, extended engine protection and improved performance in colder climates.

Consumer Engine Guard

Our commitment to Quality does not stop once the product leaves our manufacturing facilities. United Petroleum stands behind our products down to the end-customer level, where our Consumer Engine Guard Program provides warranty protection for each individual vehicle serviced with our premium products. Our program covers your vehicle’s specific lubricant needs for long-lasting protection.

National Product Warranty

Every gallon of Quantum and Infinity Lubricants produced and installed are backed 100% by our National Product Warranty. Our warranty covers every part of your vehicle from any form of lubricant related failure.