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United Petroleum Company delivers 3 different levels of Engine Guard protection to match your individual vehicle needs.

Trust Thy Oil

Our commitment to Quality does not stop once the product leaves our manufacturing facilities. United Petroleum Company stands behind our Quantum products down to the end-customer level, where our Consumer Engine Guard Program makes industry leading warranty protection available for each individual vehicle serviced with our premium products.

United Petroleum Company products exceed the toughest industry standards and are formulated to deliver the unrelenting protection and performance that your vehicle requires.  Through industry-leading innovation, we have the product that fits your specific driving conditions, vehicle mileage, engine requirements and pocket book.

Consumer Engine Guard Program Details

The sooner you enroll your vehicle, the sooner your vehicle will benefit from the added protection and performance provided by our innovative products.

You must keep or have access to all maintenance reports for your registered and must exclusively use the corresponding Quantum Motor Oil for each level of engine protection, Most Quantum service partners maintain a service database within their operating system, but we strongly recommend that you establish a service folder to all records so we can promptly respond to a potential claim. Claims will not be processed without the required documentation, subject to the limited exception described below.

During the lifetime of your vehicle’s coverage, we will permit three violations of program rquirements before Consumer Engine Guard’s protection becomes invalid. These violations may include an oil change interval exceeding maximum allowable mileage or time period, missing receipt or proof of service, or the use of a product other than the corresponding Quantum Motor Oil.

You must complete an initial 12-month maintenance period after enrollment before becoming eligible to process a claim. This ensures Quantum Motor Oil is protecting your engine for a reasonable period of time and that we do not provide protection to an already malfunctioning engine.

Excluded from Our Consumer Engine Guard Program

  • Diesel powered engines
  • Vehicles with a malfunctioning odometer
  • Vehicles that have been previously deemed totaled
  • Already malfunctioning engines from mechanical defect, neglect, or intentional damage
  • Vehicles used for any form of motorsports or racing
  • Damaged engines caused by a manufacturer’s recall
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road equipment

Consumer Engine Guard covers your vehicle from any form of lubricant related failure or repair. If another part of the vehicle causes the engine to fail, we are unfortunately not responsible for repairs.

Severe Driving Conditions:

A premium oil change is very inexpensive insurance for one of the most expensive items that you own. In fact, most vehicle manufacturers recommend a 3,000 to 4,000 service interval for SEVERE driving, and most consumers drive in severe conditions. For example, stop-and-go city or commute driving, extreme hot or cold ambient temperatures, and moist and dusty conditions are considered SEVERE, as defined by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Thank You

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you join our Consumer Engine Guard Program! As part of our nationwide Product Integrity Assurance Program, we are very proud of our product quality and will be proud to provide your vehicle with the unrelenting protection it deserves.